What is the game about?

  • Bubble4fun, just like the name suggests, offers a range of games using zorb balls. They inspire a whole variety of what you can play and you are only really limited by your own imagination. The best known are:

  • Bubble or Zorb Football, the fun new version of football,

  • Zorb Sumo Wrestling, a one on one wrestling match where the players, similar to the real sumo wrestling, try to push one another outside a marked circle.

The Rules of the Game:

To ensure that everything goes well, there is always a referee overseeing the game and the rules are similar just like in a real football match. A foul is only when you attack someone who is already on the ground. You have to let them get up so they can fall over again 😉

Let’s not pretend… for the players the rules aren’t the most important thing, but having fun whilst staying safe.

What to wear:

You have to wear comfortable, sport clothing fit for the weather conditions. For health and safety reasons, knee pads are included in the hire price and you are not allowed to play in football boots. It is also advised that you take off any glasses.

Bear in mind that Bubble4fun works on grass, sand, snow and during any time of the day or year 

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